The Professor

She is humble smiles and sniffles

carries a voice that does not demand

merely asks a question

Do these words move you?

They are not her own but she wants you to see the angels

in the gutters and Whitman in a button

yellow smoke billowing out beyond the page

until eyes survey the inhabitants of a crowded


Where are the angels?

words meaning nothing and everything – all that there is

or was – not and meant—a taste of freedom

in an image

the voice of a poet reading his own lines

reminding us of the mud that floods the banks of

the great Mississippi

winding down through the south

Is Texas in the South?

Syllables and Metaphors

a poem you may not have read

she loves the words: “Omissions are not accidents”[1]

and when everything is omitted

exploration is endless.

For SH.

[1] “Omissions are not accidents” – Line from Marianne Moore


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poet and dreamer
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