One More Dance

Just one more dance

though my feet are clumsy

and my lips refuse to part

my eyes will tell you where to lead me.

Place your hands around my waist

and remind me that not all touch spells danger

let me waltz with you

a moment of spinning and living

laughing and melting to the notes of an ancient time.

I promise to trust you for just one dance

Let me be human if only for one song.


About tanyas13sonnets

poet and dreamer
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12 Responses to One More Dance

  1. Wuji says:

    Are you on twitter, if so, what’s your handle?

    • My handle on twitter is tanyas13sonnets. I am on twitter but I am not logged in to it. My word press automatically loads to twitter and tumblr. But I pretty much disconnected from social media 6 months ago. I stay connected to email and wordpress …you tube…. but I stay off of everything else.

      • Wuji says:

        Ah I understand, yes those auto-feeds are nice sometimes. How are you feeling these days? I don’t really fb anymore.

        • I am living in the “gyre.” Living. Learning. Reflecting. Growing. It has been one crazy year…and time doesn’t stop. It isn’t so much the auto-feeds as it is that I have drowned myself in theory and I have started to see the disconnection from humanity and nature the internet has brought about. I’ve been studying a lot of sociological theory since the rise of the Industrial Revolution to date. That’s one of the beautiful things about your poetry — it encapsulates it all. The metaphysical and the material and abstract. What a ride the human race is on? Right?

          • Wuji says:

            I almost majored in sociology, but psychology felt more intimate to my great lacking in objectivity. I hear you. The school of life. I do try to encapsulate contemporary issues of technology, but also the timeless bug of beauty. Yes the next 40 years will be quite interesting.

            • You’re a psyche major? That’s amazing. I love psychology — I’m an English/Women Studies major. Just minored in Sociology – But where my interest strongly lies is in the Frankfurt School. (I think — if you haven’t already read them– you would enjoy them). They are a conglomeration of it all – and focus very strongly on aesthetics – Freudian theories of sexual repression and more. And they did critique objective reasoning. They talk about the “irrationality of the rational” in culture and that mass manipulation of society. That is where my heart lies. One of their great minds was also a composer, Adorno. And Erich Fromm was focused on psychoanalytic theory. He has some amazing books: “The Art of Loving,” and “Escape from Freedom.” If you haven’t studied these guys, you might like them.

            • Also … Herbert Marcuse writes a book called “One Dimensional Man.” It is about the issues of technology manipulating the masses mid 20th century. Very Orwellian… (I can see a lot of these great men in your work) — only you capture a metaphysical side that they do not.

            • Wuji…. you just made my day and my weekend… now I can’t figure out how to log back out of twitter. Thank you for your kind words and making me smile.

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