direct this

shadowed emptiness.

Sleeping revolutionary-

nature dips her fingertips into this fragile heart

awakened by cries of something dying beyond realms of corporeal reality

the mind struggles to find the truth rewritten by a thousand lost souls in a world that seems to be destined for its own bitter destruction

within the walls of knowledge lies those secrets that were never hidden – wrapped in so much back and forth that children forgot the names of their mother’s mothers and of their father’s countless victims passing onto another

generation of coffins that have been built and stored in warehouses– but there is no longer space in the ground to bury tomorrow’s dead

the sun does not shine in this new abstract reality where we found our safe escape

it drinks our honeyed souls and we lost our will to see

trees only grow outside in nature

we live lost within


is there



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  1. servingbard says:

    Nice one my dear, well written indeed, and bittersweet too.

    • Thank you. It’s my first Fibonacci Sequence poems…. The Fibonacci code broke me out of writer’s block. I checked out your page — I love your taste. Studying the romantics in school too. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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