Walking Alone at Night (Ghazal #2)

Lost melody breaks sunset, fractured song implies sorrow.
Frail echoes for stars, the eavesdropping moon espies sorrow.

Pained wails fill dark forest, marking time with catatonic grace
vibrations of sobs paint sky black concealing night: disguise sorrow.

Lonely feet stumble to pale clearings washed heartache with storms.
Dancing in moist fading light, journey paused denies sorrow.

“Where shall I find my vanishing heart last hidden, afraid of the dark?”
“Crushed and fed to the vultures on an infinite night,” replies sorrow.

Returning to the safety of trees, song climbing canopies of lament.
Tanya moves alone down path worn of gloom and quietly she abides sorrow.


About tanyas13sonnets

poet and dreamer
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